Sparkling above the rest…

While all diamonds sparkle beautifully, there are a few famous examples that shine above any others.👑 For one reason or another, these gems draw unlimited fascination from diamond lovers across the globe. From giant sparklers to colorful […]

The Brooch Is Back, Baby

Widely considered stodgy and trite, brooches have been seriously out of fashion ever since thepower-suit-ridden “Dynasty”years. Grandmothers have drawers full of them. Catherine O’Hara, playing the loony Moira Rose on “Schitt’s Creek,” wears them incessantly — even […]

What is the future of jewellery?

Is the industry resilient because jewellery is an irrational purchase, or is the industry robust because consumers are irrational about jewellery? Competition for the consumer dollar has become ever-more increasing. In recent years, experience-based purchases such as […]

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