About Baskania Jewelery

In our brand new workshop, every smallest piece of matter will be transformed into a beautiful piece of art.

Our goldsmiths and experienced craftsmen are part of the Baskania family and together we continue to grow through innovation and unique custom designs.

Every new piece of art starts its journey with our design team who create stunning designs and drawings, which are then brought to life inhouse by our craftsmen using the finest gold and gems available into the pieces of art you can admire on this page.

Directly from our workshop, these creations are then made available for sale in our showroom, exhibits and renowned trade shows. Soon also on our webshop!

Every piece of Baskania Art is unique in it’s own way.

About Baskania Jewelery - Our Work Process


Our design team will be with you every step of the way when creating a new jewel to add to your private collection. You’ll be able to take advantage of their years of experience, their knowledge of the current trends and their mastery of the craft to incorporate your personal wishes into the design.


Your idea will be designed into a piece of art. Along with our design team you will be able to follow the process of idea to design. And we will not stop untill you are 100% satisfied with the design.


Every piece is handcrafted with precision. Once the design has been completed, our team will start by handcrafting the design with care and precision. Every piece of Baskania Art is unique in it's own way!


Creating Art since 1983.


Baskania Art

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